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Mia Khalifa joins our sports podcast, @Back Door Cover, to talk the next round of NFL Playoffs, Gruden's deal, the National Championship, NBA news, MLB agent Jason Wood's shower cam scandal, NHL updates, her current feud with WWE fans, and more. We had @Mia Khalifa on today for one of the funnest episodes of Back Door Cover we’ve ever done. Since Ukraine's conflict with Russia, a growing number of Polish citizens have mobilised to defend their country in homeland security associations.Between 30,000 and 40,000 Polish men and women are now ready to take up arms if war were to break out.

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In recent years, more and more women have become interested in engaging in such group civil defence exercises. She is just 19 and is a first-year student of "national defence" at the Jagielloński University in Krakow. The young Polish woman wears a salmon-coloured coat and a thick black woollen scarf over her uniform.

Eventually a small group of people emerges in military camouflage.

The full regalia – there are masks pulled over faces, soldier helmets and headsets, Polish emblems adorning uniforms and ammunition belts.

In that case it's good to be able to use a weapon." The threat of an impending Russian invasion has recently been compounded by the threat of Islamist terrorism.

"You know," she explains, "if just one person had had a weapon at Bataclan, some lives could have been saved there." Piotr also confirms the view that multiple threats exist today: "Above all, people want to defend their home. It could be little green men from Russia, but also immigrants turned hostile, or other criminals.

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    Located in the northeastern part of the country, Iasi was for many centuries the crossing point of the most important commercial routes linking Poland, Hungary, Russia and Constantinople.