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Muhammad Ali Khan Wallajah surrendered much of his territory to the East India Company which firmly established the British in the northern parts.In 1762, a tripartite treaty was signed between Thanjavur Maratha, Carnatic and the British by which Thanjavur became a vassal of the Nawab of the Carnatic which eventually ceded to British.After winning the Polygar wars in 1801, the East India Company consolidated most of southern India into the , was brief, lasting one full day, but brutal as mutineers broke into the Vellore fort and killed or wounded 200 British troops, before they were subdued by reinforcements from nearby Arcot.The British crown took over the control governance from the Company and the remainder of the 19th century did not witness any native resistance until the beginning of 20th century Indian Independence movements.The state was subsequently split up along linguistic lines.In 1969, Madras State was renamed Tamil Nadu, meaning "Tamil country". The Western Ghats traverse the entire western border with Kerala, effectively blocking much of the rain bearing clouds of the south west monsoon from entering the state.The state is also home to a number of historic buildings and religious sites including .Adichanallur has been announced as an archaeological site for further excavation and studies.

(1756–1805), Polygar chieftain of Kongu and feudatory of Tipu Sultan who fought the British in the Second Polygar War.

Cities and towns are administered by was adopted as its official name. Ramaswamy was renamed in the mid-1960s made the DMK more popular and a more powerful political force in the state. Annadurai became the DMK's first , popularly known as MGR.

The reason for victory of the Justice Party in elections was the non-participation of the INC, demanding complete independence of India. The DMK routed the INC in the 1967 elections and took control of the state government, ending INC's stronghold in Tamil Nadu. In 1972, he split from DMK and formed the Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK) and later renamed the party as All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

The climate of the state ranges from dry sub-humid to semi-arid.

The state has two distinct periods of rainfall: The annual rainfall of the state is about 945 mm (37.2 in) of which 48 per cent is through the north east monsoon, and 32 per cent through the south west monsoon.

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