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That really convinced me to move to California.” Discussing his favorite musicians, Elias said his musical taste and influences are wide-ranging.“As far as Ethiopian musicians are concerned I like Mulatu Astatke for being the father of Ethio Jazz,” he said.

For those who move their sense of belonging is no longer singular, instead they are tied between yesterday and today, here and there.” The video presentations are scheduled to be screened at Alle School of Arts and Design at both the opening and closing reception, as well as at Addis Fine Arts, Addis Ababa Museum, the National Gallery, British Council, Fendika Cultural Center.

“At the heart of [Abel's] work are traces of both the cutting edge and the long arc of history.

His art considers both the distant realms of an almost forsaken planet in ‘Solo,’ and the microscopic realm of the beating heart in ‘Heart of Gold.’ With this zooming in and out, however, there is no whiplash.

The five-piece group have played varying styles of music in the past, but currently we are focusing on a fusion of Jazz, Ethio- Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and other world music.

These are the musicians I will be traveling with for years to come.

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