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It seems to have been in response to a rumor that the Smithsonian had used the Book of Mormon as an archaeological guide book.Their letter says, in part: "..of the principal Old World domesticated food plants or animals (except the dog) occurred in the New World in pre-Columbian times."The important thing now is to continue the digging at an accelerated pace in order to find more inscriptions dating to Book-of-Mormon times.Eventually we should find decipherable inscriptions ...The essay is taken from his doctoral dissertation at the University of Washington. There are no indications of the remains of sanctuaries, temples or synagogues.He faced a church disciplinary council on 2002-DEC-8 at which he might have been excommunicated for his beliefs. Similarly, there is no evidence of barley or any other old world plants in North America at that time. One would not expect to find synagogues, because none are known to have existed in the Middle East until after the Babylonian exile - decades after after the second emigration, as described in the Book of Mormon.

The Smithsonian Institution prepared a form letter in 1996.The immigrants: One group, the Nephites, kept the Law of Moses.The other group, the Lamanites abandoned the beliefs of the Israelites.The NWAF "failed to find evidence to prove the Book of Mormon, and the man who organized it...ended up losing his faith in the church." DNA evidence: Genetic and blood testing studies have found that Native Americans are related closely to the inhabitants of Siberia and not to the ancient Israelites, as the Book of Mormon states. Murphy, 35, is chairperson of the anthropology department at Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, WA.He wrote a chapter in the anthology "American Apocrypha" in which he uses genetic data to discredit the Book of Mormon's claim that American Natives are heathen descendents of ancient Israelites. 1000." Although there are remains of Natives who made use of meteoric iron and native copper, there are no indications that Natives smelted metals during the time interval covered by the Book of Mormon.

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