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Had a good date in my 2nd or 3rd week but things have dried up a bit since.If I compare with the other site I use ( I'd have to admit that WJF wins cos ive had more dates and even met someone that I was seeing for a while on that site.They seem to think they are alot hotter than they are.I guess behind the laptop they avoid reality and dream they're some hot diva Also beware the fake headlines "are there any genuine guys left".

I signed up and didn't take me long to see a photo from the past.

There are millions of users and when there is an outage people will come forward saying they cannot access the dating site.

Other issues that can occur include registration, not able to login.

Bottom line is both sites are good and if you can afford to join two, you could do worse than those.

And if you get a chance with a nice person grab it with both hands.

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    China Love Cupid is an established site for those looking to meet and make matches with Chinese singles.

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    At this time, an estimated 45-50 thousand users were ‘online’ at any given time, with user traffic per day of 1.5 million users.

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    Russia Social is a user friendly app that helps you interact, meet, date amazing single men and women in Russia.

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