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This magic bullet mentality, the tendency to rely on a single, isolated argument to win all the chips, has gotten creationists into more trouble than possibly anything else.Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not give little, gold ribbons to certify the accuracy of our proofs!The one thread running through "scientific" creationism is a fixation on particular arguments or "proofs" to the exclusion of all else.This shows a profound misunderstanding of the scientific process by people who should know better. Hovind, for example, is blissfully ignorant of the relevant literature surrounding his "proofs." Consequently, his audience is given no hint of what the "competition" has to say.Contrary data and isolated arguments are important in that they carry the potential for bringing down a theory or hypothesis.That grand potential is seldom realized in the light of further investigation.

If that hypothesis fits into a common pattern, successfully interlocking with established theories, then it gets another big plus.To sum up our first point, the shrinking-sun argument rests squarely on a naive extension of a rate measured over a relatively short period of time.It's the type of blunder one might find in a high school science project.Even if such a "proof" were technically correct, it would likely shoot down only a weak model of the theory.Deep truths are seldom grasped whole; early models are often flawed in some of their particulars.

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