Amrita rao dating shahid kapoor

While Huma wasn’t available for comments, Shahid in a statement denied the whole thing saying that “ It’s ridiculous to answer these questions.I’ve met the girl only twice in my life.” Latest news from Entertainment News Desk"The girl is reportedly a third-year English Honours student.Not many know about it, but Kapur still remains one of Rao’s favourite co-stars. I hope that a good script comes up soon where we can be cast opposite each other.How can I forget that my last film from Soorajji (Barjatya) was with Shahid.

The Income Tax Ddepartment on raiding Priyanka’s Versova residence were greeted by Shahid at the door and were confused as to which house they had raided.We won't let any such stupid talk come in way of our friendship," the actress claims.Mention actor Shahid Kapur, there’s an unmistakable giggle from his once co-star Amrita Rao that is hard to miss.If you thought that it was actress Amrita Rao, who actually played the villain in Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor's love story, that finally led to their split, you are certainly mistaken.As per Ms Rao, she has nothing to do with either of them and is certainly not responsible for the break up.

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