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“Know that there will be conflicts in terms of time.Something will come up, they really need to go to this party,” adds Alter. But perhaps during special family dinners, they are ‘out of the room, out of sight, and out of mind.’ Parents’ phones too! They don’t wake up when you want them to, can be very particular about their food choices—19-ingredient Vegan Tofu Mock Turkey, anyone? And their holiday wish lists get more expensive every year.Yet, with a little bit of planning, this holiday season could be one to remember—for peace and joy, rather than “Madness at the Mall!Well ahead of the season, sit down and ask for their thoughts on activities, presents, and food they might enjoy.Then mark these special days on the calendar for all to see.

“She came up with the menus, and she was much more interested in eating the food.”, traditions come from the Mama and the Papa.“So it’s important to be firm and flexible at the same time.”It’s also important to set limits on cell phones and gadgets. ”Remind teens that the holiday season is not only about getting but also giving.Single mom Tracy Ford wanted her daughter, Lauren, to know and care about those less fortunate.Unfortunately, on any given day in cities around the world, you’re likely to find at least one story in the news about a teen behaving violently.Whether it's a gang fight or a violent act against a stranger, the reasons behind the violence vary.

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